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G-Track is a web based program specifically designed for returnable package management. G-Track was fully developed by GLS and is therefore fully customisable to your company’s needs.

A company has different sites. These sites can be DC’s, stores, suppliers etc. On every site you can have different areas if you wish to. This can be despatch, receiving, wash bay etc. Every area will have its own scanner. The scanner user can only scan items and upload his scans. He will not be able to view any reports. Every site can have a manager or managers. This role will be able to view all reports from that specific site. The Super Manager(s) are able to view reports from all sites and use the online invoicing.
Key features of G-Track

  • Web Enable Solution, receive orders from Vendors and view online reports.
  • GLS Track can incorporate any number of different RTP units as required.
  • Knowledge of order management, Inventory and transaction reporting.
  • Expert in management of equipment pooling; allowing retailers and vendors to look into management and inventory reports and increase efficiencies and total transparency throughout the supply chain.
  • Confirmation of collections will be sent via e-mail to vendors
  • Manage damaged and scrapped stock. Management Reports Reports are fully customisable to your company’s needs. Reports can be viewed on-line and printed out. Reports include:
  • Cycle time and confirmed orders (from DC to vendors)
  • Cycle time and confirmed movements (from DC to Stores)
  • Depot inventory and availability report
  • Transaction report
  • Invoice
  • Stock on hand reports include;
  • Stock on hand
  • Stock at Vendor
  • Stock awaiting wash
  • Stock at store