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Managing Customer and Vendor Interaction


One of the most Challenging aspect of Equipment management is the complexity created by having different Companies and subsequent processes that affects the cost and use of the Equipment within your Company. This results in unforeseen cost escalation, Pool Variances  and lost Equipment being charged to you.

With the GLS Operational Control and Management functions we manage this interaction on your behalf and ensure that you, as our Customer, receives the best Benefit.

We do this based on One of Two Principles

Balance to Zero

  • Equipment is managed transactionally and is not allowed to remain at the Delivery point. i.e. All Equipment must be returned on the same trip as the Delivery. Id Equipment is not Returned against the Delivery Note the non Compliance is escalated

Issues vs Returns-balance in Supply Chain

  • Equipment Being Returned is measured against what was issued and equipment Balances per Delivery Location is available

Based on the Model we are then able to supply Billing and Balance Report according to the Parameters determined with each customer individually