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Outsource Equipment Management

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GLS is a proven outsourcing provider that will maximize the value of your equipment assets by ensuring your equipment is used through your supply chain and your partners supply chain at optimally efficient levels. The full range of our outsource functions will allow you, to sweat your assets giving you the best use of your investment into the equipment.

This GLS service is designed to manage all aspects of your equipment, owned, rented or leased.

Our services include:

Administration and Operational Functions

Back-office functions for supply chain equipment is complicated in nature and if not done correctly can result in huge losses and unforeseen costs. GLS offers you a world class administration and equipment operations team that is able to implement and manage globally acceptable equipment processes with it in depth local experience, giving you the best of both worlds.

Equipment management by its nature is difficult to control. Departments that may have evolved over time have become uncontrolled and poorly managed areas which are resulting in unforeseen cost. GLS offers, an outsourcing company that provides better equipment management skills. Some of these functions will include the following:

  • Implementation and ongoing management of equipment processes within your business
  • Integration of these processes into your business
  • Daily, weekly, monthly management reports
  • Pallet Management Services
  • Equipment Tracking and monitoring
  • Demand management –Efficient understanding of your needs going forward and how to service these needs.  

Reducing the risk in staffing

Outsourcing will allow operations that have seasonal or cyclical demands to bring in additional resources when you need them and release them when you're done.

Equipment departments are usually an area of high employee turnover which creates uncertainty and inconsistency to the operations. GLS will provided a level of continuity to your company while reducing the risk that a substandard level of operation would bring to the company.