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Pallet Management Services

pallet mamagement

We can tailor a comprehensive pallet account management package that is designed to control your hired equipment and provide support for related operational activities.


It is important to understand the status of your Pallet account in order to Manage and Reduce you potential Risk.

Identification of lost equipment

A physical count of all hire equipment can be conducted and compared to the quantity of equipment being charged out by the hire company to determine losses.

Redemption of equipment lost

Where records exist, we shall co-ordinate with your trading partners and attempt to retrieve all outstanding equipment. Where records are not available, or equipment is unredeemable, we shall provide cost data on compensation payments to the hire company and any other available options.


Audit of operations
We shall require access to operations and administration staff that handle equipment and related documentation in order to form a detailed understanding of the arrangements currently in place.

Trading Partner requirements
We will identify the receiving policies of your trading partners and develop documentation to ensure those responsible for raising transfers can do so correctly.

Assessment of knowledge and training
We shall ascertain the level of pallet management knowledge amongst your staff. We will respond to any shortfall with individual training programs.


GLS can offer you peace of mind by out sourcing all the pallet administration functions to ensure continuity of service and knowledge.   

Data Entry
We will key all equipment movements into our database in preparation of receipt of your hire company invoice.  

Invoice Reconciliation
Automated Invoice reconciliation GLS will reconcile your monthly hire company invoice and follow up on any discrepancy or unauthorised transfer to your account.

Docket Creation
Upon the receipt of your accurate dispatch volumes we are able to generate and supply you with transfer dockets to accompany your hire equipment.

Stock Take
We will support pallet counts with accurate and up to date figures of theoretical holdings and can perform counts on your behalf.

We can produce an array of reports to keep you up to date as to the state of your hire accounts. They can be supplied in line with monthly invoices from the pallet hire companies and can be run as a summary or provide detailed information by cost, quantity, trading partner, time frame and history, and include: Stock levels, Equipment totals, Delayed transfers, Lost equipment, Loaned equipment and Hire company invoices.


We will offer additional services to further assist the management of your pallet account.

Pallet Supply
We can arrange for the delivery of empty equipment to your premises. Standard issue fees and transport charges apply for this activity where relevant.

Help Desk
We are available by phone to answer your staff queries. We are available to support or represent you in meetings or presentations with your trading partners and can make site visits as required.