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RRU Management

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The GLS Equipment RRU can be integrated into the customers distribution centre (an insourced depot), so that empty equipment can be washed, maintained and used again immediately after being returned. Alternatively, depending on size and length of contract the depot can be built next-to or close-by the retailer’s distribution centre (an outsourced service centre).

RRU is seen as the start of any customer Supply Chain. Whether you use the GLS RRU or you choose to have the RRU on your Site. GLS will offer you a solution which is as simple or intricate as you, our customer, chooses it to be. Returnable Packaging or MHE is one of the only elements in the supply chain that completes the cycle throughout the entire supply chain. On the return leg to RRU the Equipment is Received, checked & cleaned to ensure that Equipment Being issued meets our QC Requirement

Customary processes being monitored:

  • Issuing
  • Receiving
  • Damages
  • Maintenance
  • Washbay Productivity
  • Waste