GLS Supply Chain Equipment provides supply chain equipment solutions and outsourced equipment services, as well as equipment used to store and move products through diverse supply chains.

Cost saving

GLS uses a process-based system to manage equipment and accounts through the entire supply chain. This process highlights risk, and assists with implementing ideal solutions to reduce costs, while managing shrinkage.

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Environmentally friendly

GLS continuously strives to create paperless, environmentally friendly tracking solutions to reduce its carbon footprint. The company also provides waste management solutions for clients.

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Track your equipment using RFID with our tailor-made track-and-trace program, G-Track. This gives you clear visibility of equipment locations including a dashboard and detailed views for your convenience and peace of mind.

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Global network

The GLS team of supply chain experts is dedicated to delighting clients with leading systems, processes and guidance to ensure precise control over all equipment pools.

End-to-end solutions

Supply of equipment, equipment process design, maintenance, outsourced equipment management, managing customer and vendor interaction, depot management, pallet management services and G-Track.

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Over many years, GLS Supply Chain Equipment has developed a solid reputation of always striving for outstanding managed services, innovative products and tailor-made equipment. Change is good … with GLS.

In a world that is moving towards standardisation and reusable packaging, GLS offers efficient operating systems for the implementation and management of equipment solutions, from raw materials and producers through to retail shelves. The company focuses on delivering high quality, efficient, environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions.

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